Nora J. Williams
Photo by John Conroy

Thanks for stopping by my site!

I’m an independent scholar and theatre-maker currently temping in Bristol and doing hourly-paid teaching in Exeter.

I completed my PhD in Drama at the University of Exeter (UK) in June 2016. Since then, I have been focused on two major projects: my monograph on Shakespeare and Twitter, and my long-term practice-as-research project, Measure (Still) for Measure. 

I was recently featured on the Remixing the Humanities podcast, talking with Geoff Way about precarity and alt-ac jobs. 🔊 Listen now! 🔊





My main interests include:

Nora leading a theatre workshop. Photo by Christian Ludwig Hansen
Photo by Christian Ludwig Hansen

⇒Shakespeare and early modern drama

⇒Performances thereof (both historical and contemporary)

⇒Shakespeare/early modern drama and digital culture

⇒Gender/identity and performance

⇒Adaptations of classical drama


For writing that isn’t quite academic, check out my blog.

I’m always happy to talk about future projects and potential collaborations.

Please feel free to email me or contact me through HCommons

You can also find me on Twitter @noraj_williams.

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