• Problematic Shakespeare (Spring 2022, guest speaker) 
    • Panel hosted by the Centre for Early Modern Studies, University of Exeter 
    • With: Reginia Gagnier, Philip Schwyzer, Victoria Sparey, Ayesha Mukherjee, and Naomi Howell
  • ‘Interventionist Dramaturgy and Editorial Praxis in Early Modern Drama’ (Spring 2022, guest speaker)
    • For: Scholarly Editing Research Group, University of St. Andrews
  • Early Modern Digital Practice (Winter 2020, invited participant)
    • Roundtable hosted by the Society for Renaissance Studies
    • With: Ellie Rycroft, Nour El-Gazzaz, Valeria Clayman Pye, Miranda Fay Thomas, & Emma Whipday
  • ‘Scaffolding Difficult Conversations in Theatre and Performance’ (Summer 2020)
  • ‘Shakespeare, Sexual Violence, and Creative Citizenship’ (Spring 2020, UCU TeachOut)
    • For: Center for Medieval and Early Modern Studies seminar series (University of Kent)
  •  ‘“Who will believe thee?” Staging Early Modern Gendered Violence (Spring 2019, plenary)
    • For: The British Graduate Shakespeare Conference (Shakespeare Institute)
  • ‘Teaching Shakespeare’s Bad Politics: An Interactive Lecture’ (Spring 2019; keynote workshop)
    • For: Sidelights on Shakespeare: Teaching Early Modern Drama (University of Warwick)
  • ‘“Who will believe thee? Performing Gendered Violence in the 21st Century’ (Spring 2019; invited presenter)
    • For: New Directions in Early Modern Theatre (University of Bristol)
  • “‘Speak the Speech, I Pray You”: Editing Shakespeare for Performance’ (Spring 2018; keynote address)
    • For: The Nichols Student Shakespeare Conference (Nichols School)

I have significant experience planning and delivering academic conferences and other events, including:

  • The Theatre and Performance Research Association (TaPRA) Annual Conference (Essex, 2023)
    • Major annual conference for national research organisation.
    • First hybrid conference for TaPRA, and the first with in-person delegation since COVID-19 (approximately 200 in-person delegates, plus 100 online)
    • Acted as Postgraduate/Early Career Researcher liaison 
    • Planned and organised an alternative to the paid conference dinner: a well-attended BYO BBQ on the University of Essex campus
  • The NRN 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Annual Symposia (London 2014 and 2015; Bristol 2016)
    • Keynote speakers included Abigail Roksion-Woodall, Matthew Reason, and Catherine Hindson
  • The NRN ‘Teaching Theatre Practice’ training event (Royal Holloway 2015)
    • A full day of hands-on workshops to equip postgrads and ECAs with the tools to teach theatre practice in university settings
    • Workshops led by a number of academic-practitioners, including Jaq Bessell and Melissa Blanco Borelli.
  • The NRN ‘What Next? Life After PhD’ employability event (Birmingham 2017)
    • Professional development event for postgrads and ECAs, with a focus on employability both within and beyond academia.


SAA Annual Meeting (Minneapolis) – Seminar: ‘Shakespeare on Broadway’ with Louise Geddes


SAA Annual Meeting (Denver) – Workshop: ‘#MeToo: Staging Sexual Violence in Early Modern Drama’ (with Erin Julian)***moved online due to COVID-19 pandemic


SAA Annual Meeting (Los Angeles) – Seminar: ‘Remediations of Early Modern Drama’ (with Sally Barnden)**Funded by a Contingent Faculty Travel Grant

  • TaPRA Conference (Colchester, Essex) – Practice as Research Gallery
    • ‘Taking Up Space: Using Physical Theatre & Feminist Dramaturgies to Intervene in Shakespeare’s Measure for Measure
  • Empowerment to Disempowerment: Intersectional Voices (Shakespeare’s Globe symposium)
    • ‘Interventionist Dramaturgies and Shakespearean Atrocities’
  • TaPRA Conference (online) – Directing and Dramaturgy Working Group
    • ‘Insiders and Outsiders: The Early Modern Soliloquy as Dramaturgical Frame’
  • SAA Annual Meeting (online) – ‘Embodying Difference in Global Shakespearean Performance’ 

    seminar group

    • ‘Isabella’s Veil: (Un)Dressing in Measure for Measure 
  • RSA Annual Meeting (online) – Hudson Strode Program in Renaissance Studies Sponsored Panel
    • ‘To whom should I complain?’: The Misogynist Dramaturgies of Early Modern Soliloquies
  • SAA Annual Meeting (Washington, DC) – ‘Virtual Shakespeares’ workshop
    • ‘Public and Private Selves: @LadyP_W and Volpone at the RSC’
  • Shakespeare, Technology, Media, Performance (Exeter; Shakespeare Bulletin symposium) 
    • ‘@Shakespeare and @ aTwasFletcher: Performing Authority on Twitter’
  • SAA Annual Meeting (Atlanta)‘Adapting Shakespeare’ workshop
    • ‘Adaptations of Shakespeare Should Be More Like Fan Fiction’


  • World Shakespeare Congress (London & Stratford)Rogues, Vagabonds, and Scholars WG
    • ‘Towards a Performance-Conscious Editorial Praxis’
  • A Game at Chess Symposium (Canterbury Christ Church)
    • ‘Performing Texts/Texts for Performance: A Game at Chess
  • SAA Annual Meeting (Vancouver)‘Form and Deformity’ seminar **Funded by a Graduate Student Travel Grant
    • ‘Layers of Form and Deformity in The Changeling
  • Exeter Humanities PGR Conference (Exeter)
    • ‘Connecting early modern texts to their performance histories: a workshop’ (Winner of the Abstract Prize in Drama)
  • Recitation, chant et danse en France aux XVIIe et XVIIIe siècles: Les pratiques nationales et les influences étrangères, les cas de l’italien et de l’anglais (Montpellier)
    • Coriolan / Coriolanus: differences and similarities’
    • Presented in English with David Wiles 
  • IFTR World Congress (Warwick) – New Scholars’ Forum
    • ‘Text, Context, Performance: Stratification and The Changeling
  • British Graduate Shakespeare Conference (Shakespeare Institute, Stratford)
    • ‘Re-reading the “lost classic”: Tony Richardson, The Changeling, and the Royal Court, 1961’
    • Winner of the Lizz Ketterer Trust Memorial Award
  • TaPRA (Glasgow) – Directing and Dramaturgy WG
    • ‘Utilising Tradition: The Changeling at the Young Vic, and the institutions of Shakespeare and Stanislavsky’
  • British Graduate Shakespeare Conference (Shakespeare Institute, Stratford)
    • ‘“Thy language is so bold and vicious…”: Towards a non-Shakespearean vocabulary’
  • Exeter Humanities PGR Conference (Exeter)
    • The Changeling, Middleton, and the Stage: Reading not-Shakespeare for performance’
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