I recently curated the STAGING GENDERED VIOLENCE series for Howlround, featuring articles by Rebecca Benzie Fraser, Emer McHugh, Jess R. Pfeffer, Charlene V. Smith, and Sharanya [published]

A Game at Chess: The Most Controversial Play You’ve Never Heard Of’, Howlround 10 August 2017  [published]

Marking (Your Own) Time: Making Milestones Post-PhD’, NRN Blog 21 July 2017 [published]

Seriously, Calm Down: A Healthy Dose of #Shakespeare400 Skepticism’, Howlround, 11 July 2016 [published]

Surviving Your Viva’, NRN Blog, 1 April 2016 [published]

I previously worked a ghostwriter for the Learning with Leslie podcast and the Become a Blogger LIVE Facebook Live series. I wrote blog posts to accompany ~45 episodes between January 2016 and December 2017.


Lueger, M. (2018) ‘Taking Shakespeare’s Measure in the Twenty-First Century: Dr. Nora Williams and Measure (Still) for Measure’. [podcast], Howlround Theater History Podcast, 3 April 2018 [published]

Kimbro, D. et al (2018) ‘Precarity Interviews – Dr. Nora Williams’. [podcast], Remixing the Humanities, 4 September 2018 [published]

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