In 2018/19, first-year students nominated me for Exeter Students’ Guild Teaching Awards in the category of Most Supportive Member of Staff.

At the end of the term, first-year students in my 2018 Practitioners in Context seminar groups completed anonymous start-stop-continue feedback. They said:

  • ‘Love the variety of exercises and techniques explored throughout the term’.
  • ‘I feel like I have learnt so much and been very enriched. […] The module and everything we have explored has been so interesting. Thank you!’
  • ‘Continue using interactive learning games and activities where you can discuss in smaller groups (good for people to discuss ideas they’re too scared to suggest to the whole group)’.
  • ‘Continue the structure of your seminars. I like the sense of “no judgement”‘.
  • ‘Continue being supportive, kind, and down to earth’.


In 2013/14, I was nominated and shortlisted for an Exeter Students’ Guild Teaching Award in the category of Best Postgraduate Teacher. In their anonymous nominations, my students said:

  • ‘Nora often went far beyond the call of duty with the hours she gave to help students understand their work and what the teacher required of them. She is an extremely giving person and works harder than most lecturers’.
  • ‘Nora made the class manageable, easier to understand and a lot more fun’.
  • ‘Nora encourages her students to engage with the core material in a way that makes them want to’.
  • ‘Her workshops were fun, interesting and clear and she was firm yet fair’.
  • ‘She goes above and beyond the call of duty time and time again to aid us all individually in our separate projects. She’s patient, intelligent and passionate in┬áher approach to teaching’.
  • ‘She provided professional yet sympathetic emotional support when tensions were running high, as is the nature of performance modules. She was never patronizing even when I didn’t understand something very simple’.


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